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Questions for brother Pierre-Marie

Personal background
The Jerusalem Community: a calling, an intuition

The founding years

The spirituality of the Jerusalem Community
A place, a mission within the Church
A "new community"??
Lay people and the Jerusalem Community"
In the heart of the city,
at the heart of the world
The name "Jerusalem"
Some figures

Who founded the community with you and in what spiritual vein? Tell us about the beginning of it all.

I turned to the "Sprit who gives out gifts as he sees fit" and built on "the foundation which already exists, Jesus Christ", as the Bible tells us. I feel much more like a "worker in the vineyard of the Lord" and mason of "the house whose architect is God" than a founder. I was alone in the beginning. I lived a life of solitude in Paris the first year, in a small studio provided by the Archbishop. I had to "look for companions", as Saint Ignatius would have said. Nine months later, we were a group of twelve brothers, eager to start the adventure. I was 41 at the time. On All Saints' Day, 1975, we celebrated the first Mass of the foundation in the heart of Paris, at St. Gervais church. One year later, in 1976, a community of sisters with the same spirituality sprung up. Another year later and the first lay community came about. And it just took off from there, with joys and trials, hard times and successes. Everything is grace and grace was certainly present.

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