C o m m u n i t i e s o f J e r u s a l e m

Questions for brother Pierre-Marie

Personal background
The Jerusalem Community: a calling, an intuition
The founding years

The spirituality of the Jerusalem Community

A place, a mission within the Church
A "new community"??
Lay people and the Jerusalem Community"
In the heart of the city,
at the heart of the world
The name "Jerusalem"
Some figures

What is the distinguishing characteristic of your communities? How would you define your activity and your spirituality?

We are monks and nuns in the city and an established Religious Institute of the Catholic Church. In the heart of the city we seek to live in the heart of God. We therefore adhere to traditional monastic values while striving to apply them to today's world, in response to the Church's needs today. As for defining our activity and spirituality, if that were at all possible, I would say that we have neither a rural life setting nor a cloistered or abbatial one. We take the three religious vows with a view to living a balanced life of community, personal and liturgical prayer (4 hours a day), silence, work and welcoming others, with particular attention paid to evangelical joy and beauty as the subtle reflection of God's presence. We are therefore city-dwellers, living in and at the rhythm of today's urban centers, rent-payers, owning nothing, either personally or as a community, wage-earners, working only part-time according to our individual skills, without a cloister, but with real time and places set aside for silence and solitude, closely attached to the diocesan Church.

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