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Questions for brother Pierre-Marie

Personal background
The Jerusalem Community: a calling, an intuition
The founding years
The spirituality of the Jerusalem Community

A place, a mission within the Church

A "new community"??
Lay people and the Jerusalem Community"
In the heart of the city,
at the heart of the world
The name "Jerusalem"
Some figures

What is your status in the Church? How would you define your mission?

Let me start by our mission. From the start, we had the idea of providing an oasis of prayer in the heart of a busy city. I think that explains our mission rather well. Come to St. Gervais and see for yourself! As far as our status in the Church goes, we are an established religious, and specifically monastic, institution with the recognition of the Archbishop of Paris and approval of Roman congregations of the Doctrine of the Faith and consecrated Life. We remain closely tied to the local church in true Vatican II spirit. We realize the importance of this vital link with each of the bishops in the places we are, whether it be Paris, Brussels, Strasbourg, Florence, Montreal, Vézelay or Mont-St-Michel. And we are now in Rome as well, at the Trinitŕ della Monte, as of September 2006, and we hope to be true Romans there!

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