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Why the name "Jerusalem"? What is Jerusalem for the Jerusalem community? Did this name come to you from the start?

At first we were known simply as the "brothers of St. Gervais".  But the sisters came along and plans started to be made for other foundations… It was during a retreat that someone said: "You need a name".  That same evening, the brothers and sisters prayed, each one opening his or her Bible, and we all came across different verses but all mentioning the city of Jerusalem.  The choice seemed obvious and indeed the vote was unanimous, which is rare in community!


In fact, this name describes wonderfully what we strive to live.  Is not Jerusalem the city given by God to men and built by men for God, and therefore the patron city of all cities?  It's the city where Jesus came to teach, give up His life, and rise from the dead; the blessed place where the Spirit descended upon the Church and the first Christian communities prayed together.  It's also, in the book of the Apocalypse, the city which "comes down from God in Heaven" at the end of time and represents the promise of an eternal happiness that our whole monastic life is meant to prepare us for.  Strangely enough this very telling name had not yet been used in the Church, almost as if it were waiting for us!

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